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Return A Single Numeric Value From An Array Of Objects In JavaScript



You have an array of objects.

You want to return a single numeric value based on some logic that should apply to each object in the array.

Let’s say you want to calculate profit from a series of individual bets:

const betResultsArray = [{
  won: true,
  stake: 10,
  odds: 2
}, {
  won: false,
  stake: 10,
  odds: 7
}, {
  won: false,
  stake: 10,
  odds: 4.2
}, {
  won: true,
  stake: 10,
  odds: 7.5
}, {
  won: true,
  stake: 10,
  odds: 4.3


Use Array.prototype.reduce to iterate and reduce to a single value:

const totalProfit = betResultsArray.reduce((a, b) => {
  //  If the bet didn't win, subtract your bet stake from your current balance
  if (!b.won) {
    return a - b.stake

  // Calculate profit
  const profit = (b.stake * b.odds) - b.stake

  // Add profit to you current balance
  return a + profit
}, 0)

In this example:

  • We start by passing in 0 as the 2nd argument to the reduce callback, this signifies a starting profit of 0
  • We loop through every object in the array and use the information on the subsequent bet object (b) to determine what is added to, or subtracted from, our previous value (a)
  • If the bet has won, we add our profit to the existing value, else, we subtract the stake from our existing value
  • The returned result at the end is our overall profit, after all items in the loop have been evaluated

That is to say, we run 0 (starting value) + ((10 * 2) - 10) (first item in the array, wons) - 10 (second item loses), and so on.

We now have one numerical value returned from an array of objects.

Problem Solved

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