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GoDaddy, Apex Domains & CNAME Records



You need to get an apex domain ( you purchased at GoDaddy resolving correctly.


The problem you face if your asked to do this is that - for basic domain purchases at least - GoDaddy doesn’t let you add CNAME records for apex domains .

An apex domain refers to rather than



  1. The advice from GoDaddy is that you must delete all A & CNAME records on GoDaddy first before adding any other CNAME or A records.
  2. You must replace the CNAME @ record with an A @ record using the IP of your host provider.

My host is, who provide their IP in this documentation.

Thus, to have my domain recognised when deploying to surge I needed to delete all existing A & CNAME records, and to add the following two records following in the Type : Name : Value format:

CNAME: www :

A : @ :

Once complete, my domain resolved within 5 minutes.

If you’re struggling to locate your providers IP, try messaging them on Twitter or searching StackOverflow, but once you have it, it should do the trick.

Original source: GoDaddy Forums