Rate The Match

A site designed as the go-to destination for fans to discover & rate great sporting events, spoiler free


At Rate The Match, rather than showing the final score or outcome of a given sporting event, an average score out of 10 across all fan votes is displayed. Matches are searchable across different sports, leagues, and time-frames, making it easy to find an entertaining match to watch. Spoiler free highlights are embedded where they are made available from official sources and are spoiler free for the match in question.

  1. Front-End Code (React - All)
  2. Back-End Code (NodeJS - All)
  3. Design (Joint)


An open-source NPM module that retrieves cookies from Chrome on macOS.


  1. Added The Ability To Specify A Particular Chrome Profile
  2. Added The Ability To Return A Puppeteer Ready Object
  3. Written Tutorial (Link)


Return joi errors as objects to help with readability.

NPM Link || Github Link


Take a JavaScript object and output a joi schema to a file and / or the terminal.

NPM Link || Github Link


A simple rounder to expected values for JavaScript.

NPM Link || Github Link


An extension for Chrome that automatically remembers articles you’ve read, and provides a web-view of those articles that can be viewed from any device.


Stemming out of frustration with the basic functionality of browser history, footnote provides a filtered history focused on reading across the web: aiming to make it easier for anyone to retrieve useful articles and reference materials they’ve read more quickly.

With the footnote extension installed, all articles tagged with the correct metadata are automatically recorded to a personal and private reading history, viewable on any device. Articles can be grouped together under any project, theme or topic of your choosing, and you can share articles via Twitter & Email on the fly direct from the extension.

  1. Extension Deployment & Design
  2. Heroku Configuration & Pipeline
  3. Design (Joint)
  4. Extension Code (JavaScript - Joint)
  5. Front-End Code (React - Assisted)
  6. Back-End Code (PHP - Assisted)
  7. Concept